About Us

Santhiyagu Ceylon Co. stands as a dynamic and rapidly growing food & beverage company in Sri Lanka. Our diverse portfolio encompasses a range of business activities, positioning us as a multifaceted player in the food & beverage industry.

In recent years, our company has achieved a significant growth in exports. Company’s primary exports comprise products such as Ceylon tea, Ceylon coffee, Ceylon cinnamon, spices, and herbal products. Our extensive product line also includes a variety of beverages, processed food, coconut-based products, and dried fruits.

We are involved in product development and private labelling. We collaborate with clients, undertaking bespoke projects to research and develop products tailored to their exact requirements and specifications. Our company also provide warehousing, manufacturing, co-packaging, storage and distribution services to many local brands and exporters.
We have been recognized as a prominent importer of food commodities to Sri Lanka.

SANTHIYAGU is an established and rapidly growing retail brand in Sri Lanka. Our wide array of FMCG products cater to local supermarkets and retail outlets across the island emphasizing on quality, affordability, and availability.

Adhering to the highest standards, Santhiyagu Ceylon Co. is certified with ISO 22000:2018 for Food Safety Management, Good Manufacturing Practice, and HACCP. Every product we offer undergoes rigorous quality certification, ensuring compliance with specified requirements.

At Santhiyagu, we are committed to sustainability with a holistic approach of driving operational excellence across business, technology, environment, and society. This commitment extends to meeting our social responsibilities to the people and communities around us.


“Be the best consumer products and services company in the hearts of people around the world.”