At Santhiyagu, sustainability means a broad discipline of driving operational excellence across all areas of the organization from business to technology to environment and the social sciences, while ensuring that we meet our social responsibilities to the people and communities we work with.

We share best practices to encourage and support businesses in protecting biodiversity and acting sustainably. We are also committed to keep our environment and sensitive ecosystems free of plastic & other non-biodegradable materials while supporting responsible disposal & promoting recycling initiatives and strengthening impacted communities.

We use the most eco-friendly packaging as we care about the environment. Our high-quality pyramid tea bags are natural, biodegradable as well as compostable. Our tea bags are made out of natural fiber and do not consist of any synthetic additive. These tea bags are used for all the products at Santhiyagu Tea.

Santhiyagu has a presence in several sectors of the economy that contributes significantly to national growth. As a true reflection of corporate values, Santhiyagu continues to lead the agenda of making sustainable living commonplace in Sri Lanka. Our initiatives collectively contribute towards achieving sustainable development goals.